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  • Jane Glenn
  • Melissa Jacobs
  • Jane Glenn
  • Jane Glenn
  • Melissa Jacobs
  • Jane Glenn
  • Melissa Jacobs
  • Stacy Vocasek
  • Amy Zaikarite
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  • Stacy Vocasek
  • Amy Zaikarite
  • Jane Glenn
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  • Melissa Jacobs
Vice President
EASTCONN AFT Member Meeting Minutes are posted on our website
The meeting minutes are private and are only available/viewable to members AFTER they have logged into the site. This section of the site is only accessible when you are logged in.
To see our meeting minutes, our members must register at and then log into our website. When logged in, they will be able to access a drop down menu item under NEWS >> Publications and Reports
How To Create an Account to Access our Minutes:
  1. Browse to If you are NOT already logged in, there is a member login box that will show up on the right sidebar of each page. If you haven’t already registered your membership number (which appears on your membership card sent out by the national office) you will need to do that to create an account; then you can log in. *see below if you don't know your member number*
  2. There is a link to register on the member login box. Click the "Register" link and enter your last name, membership number and our local union number
  3. Follow the directions to create an account
  4. Return to and go to the login box on the right side of the page. Use the account information that you just created to login. 
  5. Using the menu at the top of our page, hover over "NEWS" and look for the sub-menu/dropdrop down item called "PUBLICATIONS AND REPORTS" and click on it. If you can't see this drop down menu item, you are not logged in. 
  6. On the PUBLICATIONS AND REPORTS page there is a list of of our meeting dates on it. Click on a date/title to read those minutes.

*Need Your Membership Number?*

  1. Most members have no idea what their number is and if you received a membership card you may not know where it is.
  2. In that case, you can contact Jane Glenn ( for your ID number.
This all sounds complicated, but it is the AFT's way of authenticating users so that only real members can log in.
Our local representatives cannot create member login accounts. Jane Glenn has an administrative account on the website, as well as the state web support staff - this allows us to post and edit content on the site. Membership accounts and login access for members must be done by following the steps above. 

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